What Are The Things Dog Walkers Should Avoid In Bristol

A dog might be your friend, and they love you more than anyone, but they can be mischievous at times. Especially when you are taking them for a walk. You must have seen that they do not prefer staying at home all the time and gets excited the moment you take them out.

Also, you have heard some news on dogs escaping their house, and the owner never found them. In rare cases, the pets have come back, but most of the time they never return. This is very unfortunate, and when you have hired a dog walker, if they are not professional you might get into trouble. Here, check out the things a dog walker should never do.


DOG WALKS is a job, and it should be done diligently. As you are not allowed to look at your phone while you are working in the office, a dog walker should refrain from doing the same. Indeed, no one’s watching, but the leashes you are holding might get lose, and the dogs can escape anytime. This can be a very disturbing thing, as you have to run after the canine, and it will get more problematic when you have other leashes in hand. So, to avoid this kind of mishap, try not to attend your phone while walking the dog.


This often happens with unprofessional dog walkers, as they are not experienced and have no license, they take this as a part-time job. Thus, they have no manners while DOG WALKING IN BRISTOL. When the canine does its duty, they tend to put the waste into any garage bin they come across. That can be a private one, and if you do that you will be yelled at. Also, the homeowner can take out the plastic bag and might chase you down the road. So, to avoid such embarrassing situations, you must not put the waste in anyone’s trash can. Try using public ones.


When you are in a dog park, there will be other canines with their owners or walkers. Also, the dogs might want to meet other friends. Before you let the dog do that, you must ask permission from the owner of that dog. Also, it will be better if you ask the permission of the dog you are walking beforehand. BRISTOL DOG WALKING agencies have this manner before they take the canines out.


If you face some issues while walking the dog, you must talk to the owner about it. If you avoid the conversation, it might get into trouble. So, it’s better safe than sorry.


As you already know that dogs are mischievous, and they have the escaping tendency, that’s why you must not keep the park gates open. Keep them closed, so even they manage to get out of the leash you can chase them, and catch them.

Lastly, do not regard the dog owner’s house to be yours, as this is your job and you are getting paid for it. Also, never eat in front of the dog. The best thing to avoid any of these mistakes to hire a professional dog walker in Bristol.